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Julia + Genevieve | Mommy & Me Session at Asylum Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan

This was a very special session for me to capture and truly such an honor! Julia and I met at an elective, off-campus film photography class across town. We learned about everything - exposure, ISO, aperture, composition, how to process our film - it was suuuper cool! I still have some of those prints and my yearly work if anyone wants to see them one of these days?! Anyways, I digress, it was then that we met and have stayed close ever since despite living towns apart, going to completely different high schools and colleges, and living states away from one another in our post-college days we’ve always remained close!

How do I even begin to describe Julia… magnetic, the kind of person that you can just instantly connect and have a good time with! She’s probably one of the hardest working people I know, never given anything in life, she’s had to work hard to put herself through school and continue her education. Jules (that’s what I call her) is loyal, incredibly fun, kind, and caring and just overall a good human being. I love her so much and it’s been amazing watching her come into her role as a Mama. I knew she’d be amazing but actually witnessing one of your friends become a Mom is such a surreal feeling!

I’ve been dying to get her and her daughter, Genevieve (or Gigi) behind my camera (just look at them, they’re stunning, can you blame me?!) for quite some time now! The stars finally aligned during my last trip home and we were able to get together for a Mommy + Me session complete with tons of snuggles, nose scrunches (my faaaavorite!), wildflowers, and dreamy, irresistible golden glow! I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do because it’s very near and dear to my heart!


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