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6 Tips for Your Upcoming Family Photography Session

1. Choosing your session time

The best times for lighting are 2 hours after sunrise or the 2 hours before sunset. These times are the best to give you that beautiful glow and gorgeous, even skin tones. However if you know those times don’t work for your family, don't stress - I completely understand that kiddos with early bedtimes can make “golden hour” unattainable. We can make any time of day work, so choose a time that fits well into your family’s schedule.

2. Don’t stress about your outfits - I’m here to help!

I’ve been in your shoes, picking out outfits for your family can be overwhelming and stressful! It’s hard to know where to start, what looks good together all while picking things that are reasonable and comfortable for your family. My biggest tip… ask your photographer for help! For example, once you book with me, I send all of my clients an ‘Experience Guide’ where I give specific examples to help you pick out what to wear, along with visuals for reference. I’m also happy to help narrow down options, create a Pinterest board for inspiration, or even send you links to outfits I know photograph beautifully!

In a nutshell here are some of my guidelines:

  • Start with one outfit and add-on from there! Matching outfits can be overwhelming, everyone tends to blend in with one another when photographed, I encourage families to coordinate outfits.

  • Neutral or light color palettes photograph best, so think light & airy! Choose 2 or 3 colors that you think work well together, this allows everyone to stand out instead of blending in with one another.

  • Try to avoid mixing bold patterns, such as stripes and plaids. Generally, smaller patterns and prints photograph better since it can be overwhelming when multiple patterns are in the same image.

  • Avoid neon colors as they often reflect back onto your skin.

  • Stay away from clothing that has distracting wording or characters on it.

  • Dress comfortably! Your session is laid back and it’s important that you feel comfortable.

3. Have FUN

Don’t be afraid to lift your kiddo(s) into the air. Give your wife a kiss on the forehead. Tell your husband how much you appreciate him. Tickle. Laugh. Joke. Embrace. Snuggle. Play. If you have fun and let loose, it will allow me to capture the emotions and connections between your family. Those moments where you’re just looking at one another and engaged as a family are often the most beautiful. But don’t worry, I’ll still give plenty of direction and guide you throughout the entire session.

4. Leave the smiles to me

I know you’re probably all too familiar with trying to get your kids to smile at the camera with a big “cheese,” but I don’t want you to worry about that during your session! Leave that part up to me, let me work on coaxing out those smiles and giggles naturally.

5. Be well rested and fed

I know you’re excited, but try to allow everyone to get a good night’s rest and/or full nap prior to your session. Also, don’t show up on an empty stomach. Everyone is happier when they’re not hungry, so I highly encourage snacks prior to your session. You may also want to bring along extra snacks for little ones during your session.

6. Leave yourself plenty of time to get ready I know there’s a lot that goes into getting everyone ready for a photoshoot and as a Mama myself I know that often means you’re the last one to get ready. Leave plenty of extra time for showers/baths, dressing, etc. I want you to show up to your session excited, not rushed, and stressed. I also encourage Moms to consider having their hair and makeup professionally done, you deserve to feel your most beautiful self!


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