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4 Reasons Why You Should Do A Fresh 48 Session

Fresh 48 hospital newborn sessions are always the ones that steal my heart and make me melt into a puddle right there in the hallway of the hospital! These magical sessions are so special to me because families invite me into their postpartum room just hours/days after their baby was born to celebrate their little one’s arrival with them. I could photograph these first moments all day, every day, and never ever grow tired of them.

The idea of Fresh 48 sessions are still a fairly new concept, but I believe they’re quickly becoming a popular and beautiful alternative to cell phone photos and the traditionally posed newborn photos. If you’re reading this post, it’s because you’re curious WHY you should book a Fresh 48 session, so let me break down my top 4 reasons from both personal & professional experience!

1. You’ll have limited memory of this time.

You just had a baby! You're likely going to be sleep-deprived, in pain and dealing with a non-stop flow of nurses and visitors checking in on you and baby. This can make your days blur together, but having a fresh 48 session allows you to freeze that moment in time. Years from now, you’ll be able to look back at these photos and relive the emotions and feelings that you had - you may laugh, you may cry, but either way, you won't regret having photographs to document this chapter of your life.

2. It's documentation of real-life moments.

These sessions are not about planning the perfect outfits, having a full face of makeup, or feeling put together enough for photographs. These sessions are about emotion; natural, unposed, beautiful, real-life moments. As a new mom, you will be naturally glowing. You don’t need to put on a show, because this truly is about enjoying and soaking up the moment. So wear something comfortable (like those fuzzy slippers you have packed in your hospital bag) and snuggle up to your sweet little one or little ones if that’s how life happened! I promise one day you will look at these images with love, knowing what an amazing time this was for your family.

3. You'll have a Kindergartener before you know it.

It’s true. As much as we hate it, babies just don’t keep. It’s always amazing to me how much they change in those first couple of days and weeks! Your sweet-smelling, wiggly toed, squishy, needy, squawking little baby is going to put on a backpack that is way too big and hop on a school bus in the very near future. The most beautiful part of Fresh 48 photographs is being able to look at an image of your baby when he or she was just hours or days old and see all of the same features that make them the charismatic, sticky-fingered, bright-eyed bouncy kindergartener that they have become. Motherhood is forever, but only a teeny tiny piece of it is spent with a newborn.

4. Your phone images are awesome, but they aren’t the whole story.

Ok, I know I know. You have a cell phone camera and so-and-so is promising to bring their camera, that’s good enough right?! I encourage you to photograph this time with your own devices, but what about this… here are 3 reasons having a professional photographer matters, even if you have a cell phone:

  • Photography is all about light. Hospitals can be poorly lit or have awful fluorescent lights, but a professional photographer can find pretty, flattering light to create images that are breathtaking.

  • If you are holding the camera, you can’t be in the photo (selfies aside, of course!) #proofofmom

  • If you hire a professional photographer you get to be hands-off, so sit back and relax because you won't need to add another thing to your mental checklist of things to do once baby arrives.

So there you have it, 4 reasons why you should book a Fresh 48 session... so what are you waiting for? Interested in more information?! I'd love to chat with you!


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