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Becca + Jonathon | Engagement Session (Part One) | Castaway Island | Jacksonville, Florida

Becca is like the little sister you've always wanted - her laugh is infectious, she always has a smile on her face and she has just the sweetest little soul! Her fiancé, Jon, is quite possibly the most patient guy I've ever met and you can tell how much he adores Becca in the way he looks at her, their relationship is #goals. We met up on an overcast evening at Castaway Island Preserve after it had rained for what felt like hours and I couldn't have imagined doing this shoot with anyone else - these two were troopers! Soaked grass, terribly wet walkways throughout the park, grey skies, the works, but these two rocked it and we were able to capture some great engagement photographs! Take a peek at Becca and Jon's engagement session (part one) below.


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