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Angie + Justin | Married

A Rustic Barn Summer Wedding in Centreville, Michigan

It’s hard to describe just how much I loved this day - it was authentic, cheerful and filled of the best kind of emotions! From the minute the Bride and bridesmaids arrived, I could feel all their positive, excited and giddy energy and y’all it was invigorating! I got so excited in that moment, it was so surreal and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced - I got to witness and capture my Bride and Groom on one of the happiest days of their lives. Admittedly the entire day was a complete whirlwind and I was constantly on the move taking pictures of all. the. things. I even had guests joke that they’d never seen anyone take as many pictures as I was, there wasn’t a moment my camera wasn’t in my hands - I wasn’t going to miss anything!

Angie and Justin were married in Centreville, Michigan and it was such an amazing day! There was a plethora of tall trees, lush greenery and beautiful blooms all throughout the property - it was a photographer’s dream!

Not only did I love capturing their big day and the amazing portraits that we're taken, but what I think I loved most of all was witnessing all of joy and happiness amongst well, everyone! Literally, everyone was smiling, laughing, hugging, reminiscing, telling inside jokes, it was just the coolest thing to experience - all this love and happiness in one place, for the union of two very special people.

I can’t wait to share these images and allow you to get to know this incredible couple! I have dozens and dozens of favorites - enjoy!


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