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Brittany + TJ | Anniversary Session | Blue Cypress Park | Jacksonville, FL

It's always such an honor when friends ask you to photograph their special milestones and this five year anniversary session was no exception! TJ is one of my husband's best friends from high school and though they're both in the Navy, they've never been located near one another and typically their schedules never seem to sync. Finally, after years of trying to get orders closer to one another, it happened! Though we're not in the same state as they are, we're just a short 45 minute drive from each other and it's been so nice to have familiar faces around :)

Brittany and TJ are like peanut butter and jelly - complete opposites, but yet, they fit perfectly together and compliment each other so well! Their whirlwind romance was so romantic and inspiring - one of those when you know, you know stories that just make my heart flutter. I admire these two for following their hearts so fearlessly and fighting for one another through all of life's ups and downs. It was such a privilege to take their five year anniversary photos - documenting their journey and celebrating their love!

Enjoy this session at Blue Cypress Park with Brittany and TJ!


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