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Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln! | Outdoor Cake Smash Session at Asylum Park in Kalamazoo, Michigan

You don’t traditionally see baby’s first cake smash sessions done outdoors, but you know what, I LOVED it! It was so unique and fun and fit perfectly with Lincoln’s ‘Wild One’ theme. Everyone has a different vision for how they're going to celebrate and capture this moment in their little's life and let me just say, I'm here for it!

These super-simple sessions can be set up in your home or outdoors, just like Lincoln’s! Depending on the location, I'll bring a paper backdrop (for a clean background AND easy cleanup), a few balloons, and a cake stand. You provide the cake and a happy baby who can’t wait to get messy!

I hope you enjoy this super sweet (and messy) cake smash session almost as much as Lincoln enjoyed tasting cake for the first time!


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