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I Never Want to Forget these 14 Things

Emma has been doing and saying the sweetest things lately, my heart just about bursts into a million pieces on a daily basis and I don't want to forget any of it. I want to stop time at this age, she is just so sweet, full of joy and surprises me daily.

  1. The random, “Maw-mee (Mommy), I love you” followed by a quick kiss and dash or stroking her little hand on my cheek.

  2. Randomly saying “You’re my special Maw-mee (Mommy)” when we’re doing something completely ordinary like making dinner or driving home from Target.

  3. How she puts her babies and stuffies to bed. She gently tucks them in and kisses them each goodnight - the exact way I do to her every night.

  4. Her excitement when she poops on the potty, we still sing her potty song and it’s just the sweetest thing to see her beaming with pride over something so mundane.

  5. Listening to her sing her ABC's, count to 20, sing full songs and ‘read’ books she’s memorized like 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear' or just about any of her 'Pete the Cat' books.

  6. She has a way of sensing when I’m not feeling myself so she’ll say “Mommy you ok? Do you need a warm hug?” Then proceeds to give me the biggest neck squeeze.

  7. No matter what we’re doing, she always asks if we can buy/make/send something to Daddy on his ship - whether we’re coloring a picture or out buying toilet paper, she’s always thinking about him and it makes my heart melt.

  8. One of her first questions she asks me every morning “What do you want to do with my today Mommy?" Immediately followed by another 20 questions, I swear she never stops talking!

  9. I’m not sure where she picked this one up, but she always says “Awwww nuts” with such seriousness when something doesn’t go exactly her way, which undoubtedly makes me laugh.

  10. I’m no five-star chef but lately, she’s been telling me “You made me one delicious meal Mommy, sank you! (thank you)”.

  11. Even though she knows how to properly pronounce 'dinosaur' and 'Barbie' she prefers to call them 'di-roar' and 'bar-berries'. I know she'll outgrow this sooner than later but I hope I never forget it.

  12. She has a make-believe friend, Ratatouille, whom she'll randomly bring places, eat meals with, sleep with, take to school, you name it. It's random and odd, but oh so cute! I especially love it when she describes him, "he's a little black mouse Mommy and he fits in my pocket".

  13. She doesn't always pronounce her vowels correctly, so words like boy, toy, car, etc. can sometimes sound a little odd. But my favorite mispronunciation has to be the way she says Emmott (Emmett).

  14. This last one is a little heartbreaking and bittersweet given the challenges we faced last year trying to conceive... but lately, she's been asking (almost daily!) "When my baby coming Mommy?" or "When is my little sister coming?"


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