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The Kissell Family | Pregnancy Announcement Photography Session | Kalamazoo, Michigan

You guys! Eek! I'm so excited that I can finally share all the images from this session because up until now, it's been a secret. This was the first time that I've been a part of a pregnancy announcement session and it was literally so much fun - I was thrilled and oh so honored to take these photos by my dear friend.

Brooke and I have known each other since we were 8 years old and not to date myself but that's over 20 years of friendship - that's a long time y'all! We've shared birthday parties, spent summers by each other's pools, had countless sleepovers, played on the same soccer team for over 10 years - we've made so many memories together it's hard to remember them all. Friendship like that is so special and rare, we've grown from little girls into women together and it's a relationship I'll cherish forever.

There are some sweet and sentimental touches to this session, such as blowing dandelions, a tradition they've done in their engagement, wedding and now pregnancy announcement photos. Chest-bumpin' is also one of Nate's favorite things (who knew?!) so we made sure to get a few shots of the couple chest-bumpin' with excitement about their news. I love these personal touches, they add personality and flare to the photos that are so uniquely Brooke and Nate - I hope they look back at them fondly - I know I do! I'm beyond happy for Brooke & Nate as they grow their little family - best wishes to the Kissell family in this next season of life!


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