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The Lawrence Family | Family Photography Session | Hanna Park in Jacksonville, Florida

Wow. Just wow. Y’all this family and this session were so much fun!

I met Brandy with Brandy Lawrence Photography through Instagram - I don’t really even remember how I found her account but when I did I was completely stunned by her beautiful work! She is so incredibly talented, laid back and down to earth, she’s definitely my kind of people. I remember messaging her on Instagram asking her all the photography questions I had been building up (this was way before I decided to make this passion of mine a career) and she was so sweet, she answered all of my questions and in extreme detail. After chatting for a few weeks, she graciously offered to host a play/coffee date so we could meet and chat more in person once I finally moved to Florida. Emma and her sweet boys, Michael and James, hit it off and so did Brandy and I. Was it a little weird going to a stranger's house whom I met on Instagram, with my child… yes, but I’m SO glad I took that leap and met Brandy and her family. She was so kind to offer a swap, she’d photograph my family and I’d photograph hers, which she explained would be a hands-on way for me to learn from her and she could then offer some advice to me after I shot her family - my dream was coming true y’all! Not only was I getting a family session from my photographer crush (I heart you Brandy and your work!) but I was also going to get some pointers from someone who watched me work and would receive an edited gallery from me. Between job schedules, inclement weather and just life in general, we had to reschedule this session so many times. It’s probably my most re-scheduled session to date. But, I’m so glad that we risked the weather and this session came to fruition before we moved back to Michigan because it is hands down one of my favorite sessions thus far!

Brandy and her family are some of the nicest, most laid back people I’ve ever met which made shooting them a breeze! Their boys were full of personality and poor Michael just didn't want anything to do with my camera, but that’s ok because hey! I have a toddler too and I get it, being 2 is hard y’all. There are so many genuine and candid moments captured in this session that just make my heart swell with pride and joy because I think they beautifully capture the strong connection and bond this family has. I hope you enjoy their session as much as I enjoyed photographing them!


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