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The Reeves Family | Maternity and Family Beach Photography Session | Jacksonville, Florida

From the minute I started talking to Alex about their Maternity shoot I could tell she was my kind of girl... initially she started sending me screenshots and links to outfit ideas (all beautiful of course!) for her entire family to eventually joking about motherhood and life with toddlers.

Their session took place on a beautiful summer evening at Hannah Park in Jacksonville, Florida. The sun was soft and golden but it was hot, actually I think hot is an understatement, it was hotter than hot... 94 degrees with humidity so high it smacked you in the face the instant you walked outside. Yet, you'd never know it when looking at these photographs, they're all stunning and Alex is a ROCKSTAR! She's 38 weeks pregnant and handled the weather like a champion - I was in complete awe of how she handled herself the entire session, not only was she completely unfazed by the weather but she was very calm and collected the entire time. Bless her heart! With 2 very active little boys and a third on the way, I don't know how she does it!

When her entire boy gang got out of the car I knew their session was not only going to be beautiful, but fun! Their almost 4 year old, Hudson, walked right over to me and immediately complimented me on my hair, outfit and makeup - don't be fooled by his compliments readers, I was in yoga pants and a tank top with my hair in a messy bun and nothing but mascara on because #mommode. But nevertheless he was a true charmer and clung to me the rest of the session, which I didn't mind! Jameson, their 16 month old, wasn't so sure about me and even less sure about my camera. He gave us some of the funniest expressions, scrunching his nose and showing his sweet little teeth - he had us all in stitches.

To me, the boys don't look too much alike - Hudson takes after his Mom and Jameson his Dad - so I can't wait to see what baby boy number 3 looks like. My guess is he'll be a good mix of both Mom & Dad, but I guess we'll have to wait and see!

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I enjoyed photographing them!


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