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The Roberts Family | Family Photography Session | Al Sabo Land Preserve in Kalamazoo, Michigan

I’ve known Kylee since we were 10 years old, y’all that’s over 20 years 😳 We lived across the street growing up and were pretty much inseparable until we both left for college - I couldn’t even begin to tell you how many sleepovers we had throughout the years. We’ve made so many memories together it’s hard to remember them all! No matter how much time goes by we always pick right back up where we left off, friendship like that is so special and rare and one that I'll truly cherish forever. Since moving back to MI we’ve had the opportunity to see each other more often and I was so beyond flattered when she asked me to take pictures of her sweet little family.

Can you believe it was just barely 40 degrees when we took these photographs?! They were such troopers and we made sure to get extra snuggly, especially towards the end, to keep Zoe nice and warm. Zoe wasn’t really sure about my presence, she so intensely followed my camera every which way and gave me such a serious face the entire time. Kylee and Brad told me that was just part of her personality and that having photographs that capture Zoe being Zoe would be something so special to them because 1 year from now they’d want to remember her ‘pouty’ and serious phase. Ummmm how sweet is that?! Which got me thinking…

As a family photographer, we have this incredible job where we get to document and freeze moments in time. These photographs hang on walls inside your home or live in family photo albums that will be seen for years and years to come, it’s such a surreal and special feeling! I love being part of your family’s story, it’s probably my most favorite thing about photographing families.

I hope you enjoy this cuddly family session at the beautiful Al Sabo Land Preserve in Kalamazoo, Michigan.


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