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Anahi | Class of 2021 \ Senior Photography Session in Battle Creek, Michigan

This was my first time photographing a senior session and I’ve gotta say, I LOVED it! I was a little worried about what it would be like to only photograph one person because I’m so used to families with kiddos running around everywhere and capturing the chaos but Anahi was a rockstar and made my job so easy!

Anahi is a senior at Battle Creek Central High School in Battle Creek, Michigan. Soccer and friends are a big part of her life and I can relate to that because that was totally me in high school as well - soccer and friends were my entire life!

We started Anahi’s session at Southern Exposure Herb Farm in Battle Creek. I know this is a popular spot for portraits but that didn’t throw me off at all! I believe I can photograph with my own personal perspective and still make it a very special portrait even at a “popular” location. I strive to find my own point of view to make my portraits and sessions a little “extra” 😉 Southern Exposure has so many cool little spots and vignettes, plus the light there doesn’t disappoint!

After Southern Exposure we moved to hidden skate park under an expressway overpass. I’m not going to lie, I was a little intimidated when Anahi first mentioned it but this little hidden gem, was SO cool and unique! Graffiti all over the walls added some extra oomph and pops of color to her portraits. Just to the side of the skate park was a field with tall grass, so you know I had to have her to play around in there a few minutes because I’m a complete sucker for the warm glow of the sun and tall, beautiful grasses!

We ended our time together in a parking garage that overlooks her high school, which you can actually see in a few of the shots, how cool is that! Surprisingly, this also created some of my FAVORITE portraits of Anahi, the background was so clean and simple and the light was just perfect! Wait until you see these, you won’t believe how gorgeous they are 😍


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