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Happy Birthday Jared | 32 Reasons Why I Love You

In honor of my husband’s birthday today I thought I'd write a list with 32 reasons why I love him. So here goes and in no particular order, here are 32 reasons why I love you, Jared.

  1. Your freckles. You have SO many, they basically cover your entire body but I find the ones on your face to be the cutest and my most favorite.

  2. Your muscles. If you came to our wedding then you know I couldn’t stop gushing over his muscles after our first date and that statement still rings true today. I love how safe and secure you make me feel when you hold me tight in those big muscular arms of yours.

  3. When you randomly leave me little love notes to find around the house. You’ve been doing this since day one and it easily makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world.

  4. Your sense of humor. You are so silly, pretty much all the time, not a day goes by that I don’t smile and laugh because of you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. You kiss me every morning before you leave for work. For some, this would be annoying because you leave for work SO early but it’s one of my favorite things and I hope you never stop kissing me goodbye early in the morning.

  6. The way your nose scrunches when you're trying to do something really difficult OR when you really get laughing. That little nose scrunch is the cutest darn thing and I love it when it makes an appearance!

  7. When you randomly grab my biscuits *sorry Mom and Dad if you're reading this!* I don't know why but I love that after almost 5 years of marriage you still grab my butt! Whether we're in the kitchen making dinner, I'm putting my makeup on for the day or folding the laundry, it always surprises me and I just love it!

  8. That you stopped wearing sandals. Ok, this one is weird without an explanation... when we first moved to Jacksonville I noticed that you had stopped wearing sandals, which is odd because we live in Florida and it is HOT. Your response to my question?! "I don't wear sandals anymore because I need to be able to roundhouse or sprint after someone if they were to ever mess with my family." I thought you were kidding but the look on your face told me you were serious and I melted into a puddle right then and there.

  9. When we take walks you always position yourself on the outside so that Emma and I are walking furthest away from the vehicles passing us.

  10. When you hold my hand in the car. It still gives me butterflies when you do this.

  11. We can sit in silence just listening to music or we can talk non-stop for hours, laughing and smiling so much our cheeks hurt - either way, we're both content in each other's company.

  12. You can make friends with just about anyone. You have no problem talking to anyone, which I’ve always admired because I’m the exact opposite, introvert alert!

  13. You’re 100% yourself, always. Doesn’t matter who we’re with or where we are… You are always your funny, stubborn, loud, non-filtered self and you don’t worry about what anyone else thinks about it. It’s one of your most admirable traits!

  14. Your confidence. You’re such a confident and courageous person, this is one of your qualities that I really respect and love. I know that you can and will do anything that you put your mind too.

  15. Your passion for your career. From the very beginning of our relationship, you’ve known exactly what you wanted to do and how to get yourself there. Sometimes it’s meant taking less than ideal orders - you sacrifice and work so hard, without even realizing that you are.

  16. Your optimistic mindset. Military life is HARD but you never complain, you always see the positive and remind me to do the same.

  17. When we eat out (pre-COVID) you always prefer to sit in the booth/seat that faces the entrance/doors so that you can see who comes into the restaurant. You're always thinking about how you can protect your family and it makes me feel so safe and secure.

  18. Your selflessness. The sacrifices you make not only for our family but for our country is beyond words. I’m so incredibly proud of you and all that you stand for, you’re my hero!

  19. You’re the best Daddy to our Emma Bean. You’ve had to miss firsts, major milestones, holidays, birthdays, and all the little things in between. Being in the Navy means you’ve had to sacrifice these special moments and be away from your little girl and our family, and despite it all, you’re exactly what we both need.

  20. Random kisses. You have a knack for hugging me from behind and surprising me with a kiss and I swear, nothing in the world feels better than when I’m wrapped in your arms.

  21. Random tickles. We’ll be sitting on the couch, I’ll look over and you’ll give me this cheesy grin and then randomly attack me with tickles. Scout goes crazy, Emma loves it, I love it, and it always ends in a huge family tickle session which fills my heart with so much joy.

  22. Your figure it out, independent attitude! If you don’t know how to do something best believe you’ll figure it out. Whether that means self trial & error, researching the solution online, watching YouTube videos, or asking for help - you always figure it out.

  23. You’re super handy, I feel like there’s nothing you can’t fix! I remember all of the projects we (and by we, I mean you) did when we bought our house. I’d explain to you what I was thinking/wanting or show you a picture and somehow, you’d always make it happen!

  24. Your willingness to do/try just about every crazy thing I’ve asked of you… from mud runs to juice cleanses, taking the 5 love languages quiz to writing daily emails back and forth while you were deployed - you always agree because you know it’s something I want and that makes me feel so important.

  25. Your friendship and loyalty. Most of your friendships stem from early childhood, which as an adult is a pretty darn cool thing to say. You’re extremely loyal and would do literally anything for any and all of your friends! It’s not an exaggeration when I say that you think of them more as family than just friends.

  26. Your generosity. You are easily one of the most generous people I know, you'd give someone the shirt off your back if they asked you for it/you saw they needed it.

  27. I genuinely LOVE your entire family - I always have! From the first time I met them, they all made me feel so comfortable and welcome. It’s no wonder you’re the man you are today!

  28. I love that you don’t take yourself too seriously, it makes for an exciting life with you.

  29. You accept me, all of me. My peaks and my valleys. You've seen me at my very worst and even when I wasn't being very nice to you, you still drew me closer to you.

  30. You motivate me every single day to be a better me. You've always been so supportive of me and my dreams and your support/encouragement has helped me to flourish in achieving my goals.

  31. When I'm sad, you know exactly what to do to make me feel better! Cheering me up is one of your superpowers and I love that you can bring me out of my funk.

  32. Most importantly... I love you because the way that you look at me still makes me feel so special and loved, like we're 24 again, without a care in the world - just loving each other.

Jared, I’m blessed every day that I get to be your wife! Happy birthday my love!


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